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Cool House Tour

2021 Cool House Tour - Part 2

Course Description:
AIA HSW LUs = 2, GBCI CEUs = 2
Cool House Tour is an annual event produced by Austin Energy Green Building and Texas Solar Energy Society. The tour showcases sustainable homes that are designed and built to high standards of energy efficiency, comfort, and regional design.

This on-demand course provides an opportunity for people to learn about living sustainably and comfortably in the hot Central Texas climate. Homeowners and building professionals share their experiences in bringing these environmentally friendly homes to life.

Part 2 features:
• Alley Office + Retreat
• Suburban Hillside Nest
• Affordable Housing Community

Course Length:
The entire course takes about 2 hours to complete. You can start and stop as needed throughout the course.

Course Outline:
• Course welcome
• Three case studies with a video overview and a project team presentation
• Closing
• Quiz - 20 questions
• Course completion certificate - requires a passing score of 80%

• David Brearley, Owner, Alley Office + Retreat
• Craig Nasso, Architect, Nasso Architecture
• Alan Barley, AIA, Principal, Barley|Pfeiffer Architects
• Peter L. Pfeiffer, FAIA, Principal, Barley|Pfeiffer Architects
• Joel Effland, Project Manager, Barley|Pfeiffer Architects
• Anna Lake-Smith, Development Project Manager, Foundation Communities
• Jon Hagar, Principal, and Partner, Forge Craft Architecture + Design

Continuing Education Credits:
• This seminar is approved for 2 HSW AIA Learning Units (LUs) and 2 GBCI CEUs
• Certificates will be sent to your registered email after successfully passing the quiz and completing the
entire course. You can also find your certificates in the “My Certificates” under the profile menu.
• AIA Learning Units are reported by AEGB staff if you provided your AIA number when setting up your profile.
• If you are taking this course to meet a measure for an AEGB rating, please email the certificate to your AEGB representative.

Any questions regarding CE credits can be emailed to greenbuilding@austinenergy.com.
  • 2021 Cool House Tour Part 2 - Welcome
  • Participant Survey - Cool House Tour - Part 2
  • Alley Office + Retreat - Introduction
  • Alley Office + Retreat - Video
  • Suburban Hillside Nest - Introduction
  • Suburban Hillside Nest - Video
  • Affordable Housing Community - Introduction
  • Affordable Housing Community - Video
  • 2021 Cool House Tour Part 2 - Closing
  • 2021 CHT - Part 2 - Quiz
  • 2021 CHT Part 2- AEGB On-Demand Learning End of Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever